Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Creatix iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak Possible

   Evidence is piling up suggesting that a jailbreak for iOS 9.3.2 is coming soon. Reddit user and developer /u/ioscreatix has been showcasing his new tweak iOSBlocks on a version of iOS that contains locking notes, proper nightshift, and more iOS 9.3+ exclusives. Andrew Wiik, another developer, tweeted +enMTW today.

This could mean a jailbreak created by enMTW is going to be released soon, or it could mean absolutely nothing. In any case, there is something going on.

On Creatix's iOSBlocks showcase Lydia has a small blue dot to the left of it, following the pattern of iOS 9.2.1+ jailbreaks. Qwertyoruiop's jailbreak has the same characteristics. This could mean that Qwertyoruiop has shared the jailbreak with Creatix developers or that another jailbreak entirely has been developed. Jailbreakbusterkid, Andy, and more of their team, known for busting fake jailbreaks on their Twitter accounts, have insider knowledge on something and refuse to comment on the current rumors about these videos.

Creatix's Twitter: 

Before anyone gets excited, this will most likely not be released. This could be partially because they do not want to deal with the community, or because it is just impossible to release in a legal or
accessible way.

Creatix will not release an iOS 9.3+ jailbreak, but the developers may be using one.

UPDATE: Creatix tweeted today with only a :) face, possibly pointing to a confirmation that they are using a jailbroken iOS 9.3 device.

GSMagic Team Announcement

   As excited as I am about an iOS 9.2+ jailbreak, there have been many "jailbreak developers" that have been outed as liers, such as enMTW, Taoyi, Yalu9.2/WaveBr3ak, Josh, Star and many, many more. As it has been almost 10 months since the last public jailbreak on signed firmware, anticipation and gullibility has grown exponentially as impatience brews. Today, the GSMagic Team released a message about their "jailbreak", although whether it is legitimate or not is questionable.

GSMagic Team's promotional image

GSMagic Team Announcement:

 The greek team GSMagic that works on a public Jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.3 asked us (the website mods) to publicize the following message from them! Message from GSMagic: Because we don't want people to be tortured on whether the Jailbreak will be released or not, we set as Friday 10th of June 2016 the deadline for the release of our tool. If we cannot do it until then, our project called Ibycus just as GSMagic will be postponed for life. We kindly ask you to do not worry about what will follow and live your life happily. The only thing we want to do is to give you this tool! We will not publicize this bug and we will not give it to any exploiter or any Security firm ever. The People need actions not theories. Is tired from all this scene as we are. GSMagic as soon as will succeed to create a stable tool will release it right away without saying to wait for another possible ios update! We believe that the people should be free to update or stay to whichever version they want to, that's why we try to make the Jailbreak compatible with every existing version of iOS. GSMagic was created in 2000 and from the start till this day its members are loyal and have not participated in any other team whatsoever. Right now the members of the team are 5! Regarding Argonautis blog: GSMagic loves argonautis blogspot cause it was and will always be their place to hang around. There was no personal contact between GSMagic and Argonautis blogspot. The creator of Argonautis(Giwrgos) along with the mods of the blog do not have any consequence for our actions! Only we have!!
Not acquired and does not sell to anyone except serve the world if you need us. All that interests us mainly is to give a version that works 100% without problems in the world otherwise we fail and leave the scene. Thank you and always will help the Argonaytis and amazing JailBreak Community !!!
Our warm greetings GSMagic Team .....

Because the statement above is confusing, I will explain it the best that I can.

Summary: GSMagic Team and their jailbreak project, named Ibycus, will have a release deadline of June 10, 2016. If they do not meet their end date with a 100% functional product, the project will be abandoned. They will not sell their exploit to a security firm and believe the people deserve a public jailbreak. The team was created in 2000 and has 5 members, and they are tired of working on a jailbreak.

Red Flags:

  • GSMagic Team has set a deadline, possibly trying to pressure other jailbreak teams into releasing before them
  • Very little proof of jailbreaking has been released from them
  • Everything they have shown off could be faked so far
  • They will not share the exploit used even if they fail to release a working jailbreak
  • The website that published the announcement is full of advertisements and this could be a large stunt for attention and ad revenue
Although this could be a legitimate jailbreaking team, there has yet to be any solid evidence. Always be skeptical and most likely a jailbreak will be released by a team like TaiG or Pangu suddenly without all of the promotion and questionability.

Let's hope by June 10th we will see a jailbreak for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.2 and possibly future versions. WWDC 2016 is right around the corner on June 13th, so when iOS 10 takes priority over iOS 9, jailbreaks will not be patched as easily.